Investment engineering

Our mission is realization of your investment idea. That is provided by group of our own highly qualified personnel or contract partners. We offer you complete investment engineering at guidance and execution of investment projects in building industry that contains professional performance of activities in all phases of investment processes according to Law of building objects (ZGO-1) and selling and after-selling activities according to Law of real estates intervention (ZNPosr).

Our companies main domains are engineering and real estate business. It was founded in 1990 and has a valuable history, 15 employees, most of them highly educated with all licences needed to successful perform this type of work. Our business is aligned with quality standard, we have gained ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in 1998. We are one of the leading actors in real estate business field in central Slovenia. That is shown in current offer of real estate which in now over 300.

In field of investment engineering, we perform the following services in all phases of investment processes for our clients:

  •  performing preliminary work in cooperation with real estate department – finding suitable locations, establishing intended use of the land
  • gaining and arranging land
  • gaining all approvals and permissions for the build
  • producing identification of investment projects and pre-investment bases
  • producing investment programs and studies
  • analyses of economy, rentability and others economic and finance investment indexes
  • consultations at gaining needed financials sources
  • examination and combining technical documentation
  • producing project documentation form ideas to completed project and project for storey owners
  • financial engineering – build cost control
  • gaining information and documentation in process of acquiring building for build, arranging contracts with work performers
  • valuation of real estate
  • legal services
  • building buildings
  • buying and assembling devices and equipment
  • acquiring all approvals needed for operation (technical examination, operating permit)
  • extradition of building permit in operation
  • qualifying yours or ours contract workers needed for usage and maintenance of building
  • organisation, leading and harmonising


Professional build supervision
We provide professional supervision over the build and work (quantity, quality and clearance, harmonising all participants work, supervising the realisation of investment programs, supervising buildings in trial runs).

References: In our own engineering we have prepared or participated in some of the notable projects: settlement of 183 apartments and 45 row-houses Lanovo pri Škofljici, Business Trade centre TA-BU ''Krško'', religious object on Vodnikova Street, Business building TA-BU Mostec, 5 row-houses in Mala Vas, and project of five connected row-houses according to geomantix principles in Majcni pri Sežani.

We strictly follow our elaborates and dead lines. You are more than welcome to call us and arrange a meeting and we will present you with an offer.

References TA-BU d.o.o. - investment practice

Finished projects

Business Trade center TA-BU Krško

In industrial zone at the edge of Krško, business trade center was build with over 8,000 square meters for commercial use and over 400 parking spaces. The trade center expands according to enquire and TA-BO was in charge of coordinating document preparations, gaining the permission needed for the build and executing supervision of the realization. In year 2007 the center was sold.

Business Trade building PC TA-BU Mostec

The building stands in crossroad between Šišenska Street and Pod Hribom Road. Building has more floors and includes basement, ground floor, 1st floor and attic. Parking and servicing places are arranged in the basement. Ground floor was designed for business trading programs, trading non-food premises and a smaller buffet. The 1st floor and mansard were meant for health clinics and businesses. After selling the whole ground floor we have moved our business spaces to the 1st floor and mansard in the year 2007.

Housing complex Majcni

For the housing complex of five housing units combined into one building that fits into settlement and with its program and its way of living revives and well upgrades it, we have prepared all documentation needed and gained all allowances for the build. Concept of housing complex considers principles of geomantix. The project was sold with gained building permit.

Row-houses and duplex with corresponding communal infrastructure in Mala vas, Ljubljana Stožice

On attractive location near Dunajska Street and Ljubljana bypass we have designed the build of row-houses and duplex. Coordination of the project has included preparation of all documentation needed, gaining all consents and approvals for the build of the houses with its own communal infrastructure. The project was sold with gained building permit.

Religious building, the Church of Jesus Christ from the last days

As owners of parcels in crossroad of Vodnikova and Šišenska Street, we have gained all allowances needed for demolition of the old building and realization of demolition works. For a known buyer we have took over coordination for the concept of the building, preparation of all documentation needed, gaining all allowances and building permit. In the phase after selling the parcel with building permit, we have taken over the guidance from investor for choosing contractor and the actual build.

Housing project Škofljica - 1st phase

The foreseen area of the build in Škofljica is broken into two morphological units – zone 1A and 2B. On this surfaces, according to permitted ordinance, organized apartment block and row-house building units are allowed. TA-BU d.o.o. as the investor covers coordination of preparation all documentation needed for the build of housing units, communal infrastructure, gaining all allowances and building permit. For the whole settlement of housing units the restructuring of foundation ground was made. In the year 2009 we have finished the 1st phase of execution of the build of housing settlement Škofljica with its communal infrastructure. We have finished 10 row-houses, 5 housing units (75 apartments) and garage space for finished housing units.

Active projects

Housing settlement Škoflica 2nd and 3rd phase (2009 – 2014)

In the year 2009, after finishing the 1st phase of housing settlement in Škofljica build, the activities of 2nd and 3rd phase of the build are also carried out. The build of trade building Trgovina is being made, also the preparation of project documentation and gaining all allowances needed for the rest of hosing units. In 2nd and 3rd phase another 35 row-houses and 7 housing units (108 apartments) and 2nd part of parking spaces will be build.

Housing unit Rožna dolina (2008 – 2011)

In the year 2008 we have started to design housing unit in Rožna dolina. Realization will likely begin after gaining the building permit in 2009. The whole project should be finished in 2011.

Factory complex – ARBO (since 2006)

Factory complex ARBO which is combined of different buildings and yard, in the size of 8353 square meters, is located in area meant for production. We are arranging the change of space acts, so that current intended use of production could be changed also into housing settlement. In that case, extra buying in the surrounding area of the complex will be possible.

Business Trade zone in Krško near the biggest Business Trade center

We own large pieces of land near Business Trade center in Krško. Currently the area is in phase of changing space acts (expansion of production activities to trade activities).

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